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## page was renamed from Artwork/Attic/Incoming/Animals

For those of you who liked the animal skins, here are the final high-resolution images:


I've created both "academic" 4:3 versions (2048x1536) and widescreen 16:10 versions (2560x1600) If you're going to use it I strongly recommend that you resize the wallpaper to its final size using your preferred program or Imagemagick.

You can download the wallpapers here:

[attachment:elephant-2048x1536.jpg elephant-2048x1536.jpg] (2164.3 KB)

[attachment:elephant-2560x1600.jpg elephant-2560x1600.jpg] (2761.9 KB)

[attachment:elephant-bleu-2048x1536.jpg elephant-bleu-2048x1536.jpg] (1912.8 KB)

[attachment:elephant-bleu-2560x1600.jpg elephant-bleu-2560x1600.jpg] (2448.7 KB)

[attachment:lion-2048x1536.jpg lion-2048x1536.jpg] (1191.6 KB)

[attachment:lion-2560x1600.jpg lion-2560x1600.jpg] (1551.9 KB)

[attachment:lion-claar-2048x1536.jpg lion-claar-2048x1536.jpg] (1433.5 KB)

[attachment:lion-claar-2560x1600.jpg lion-claar-2560x1600.jpg] (1889.1 KB)


For those of you who may be wondering about it, here are the original sources for the wallpapers.

The original lion source is [ this picture] by [ Allyson]


The original elephant source is [ this picture] by [ Nick]


Both pictures used with permission. -- Damianvila DateTime(2007-10-02T19:59:47Z)


I really like the idea of having the same wallpaper in different colours. This would be perfect to brand Ubuntu's official desktop environments:

attachment:elephant-ubuntu-thumb.jpg attachment:elephant-kubuntu-thumb.jpg attachment:elephant-xubuntu-thumb.jpg

  • In my opinion the logo should go to the right, since the left side is usually the default location for desktop icons. -- Vexorian
    • You are right, I didn't think of that. I was just looking for an appropriate part of the image to put them. Maybe someone else with better graphic skills can enhance the idea. --["NickBauermeister"] DateTime()

    What about placing the logo in the bottom right? Instead of just darkening the area, it would be interesting to see it chiseled in, sort of like branding effect on leather. -- [:Spr0k3t]

Full resolutions:

[attachment:elephant-ubuntu.jpg Ubuntu] [attachment:elephant-kubuntu.jpg Kubuntu] [attachment:elephant-xubuntu.jpg Xubuntu]

--Added by ["NickBauermeister"] DateTime(2007-09-23T12:19:37Z)

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