DVD covers by programad

Here are the DVD cover i've designed for Ubuntu. Used Inkscape.



  • Only the official text was used;
  • Only free logos (Ubuntu, Opensource and Gnu);
  • Red stripe for 32 bit version and yellow stripe for 64bit version;
  • Official "Circle of Friends";

US English

32 bit

DVD cover for CD-R feistycovercd32enus.png

CD-R label feistylabelcd32enus.png

64 bit

DVD cover for CD-R feistycovercd64enus.png

CD-R label feistylabelcd64enus.png

Brazilian Portuguese

32 bit

DVD cover for CD-R feistycovercd32ptbr.png

CD-R label feistylabelcd32ptbr.png

64 bit

DVD cover for CD-R feistycovercd64ptbr.png

CD-R label feistylabelcd64ptbr.png

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