This is the Peace GTK theme.


Simple, fast, elegant design, and above all easy on the eyes for users that sit at computers for hours at a time. The theme should be able to serve as a default for months or years by discerning users.


Currently I'm using the non-cairo smooth engine for gtk+ as I've found it offers acceptable performance with a clean modern design. Peek at the attachment below to see some gtkperf tests I ran on an Nvidia Quatro P4 2.8 ghz system. In the chart below Peace was still based on Clearlooks but since it's now based on smooth it's performance is roughly equivalent to resilience (so it's even faster than before).

Performance chart: gktperf.png

I also attached a .deb of gtkperf for those that may be interested in further testing(below).



widgetfactory2.png Lightened the color of the window borders on this version.

widgetfactory5.png Made the gray background more of a beige and removed much of the purple shading on the clearlooks buttons. Also made the prelighting a LOT brighter to show up clearly when hovering over buttons.

widgetfactory-smooth.png In Gnome 2.16 Clearlooks is Cairo based so for performance reasons(in addition to a few minor bugs) I decided it would be necessary to port the gtk theme to the Smooth engine. That was an all around good decision because from a usability standpoint the shading is nicer and it runs much faster than anything Clearlooks/cairo based.

Working files



I uploaded a checkinstall created deb on i386 for The Widget Factory 0.2.1 below in addition to the executable which can be downloaded and run as a regular user. twf


Gtkperf is a tool that draws gtk widgets and times it for you. gtkperf_0.40_i386.deb

How to Contribute

I'd be happy for any contributions. Please add sub pages below this page and see the "Styling" section for general guidelines on Peace's look and feel above. Thanks! -- Z_diver 2006-08-01 16:49:00

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