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Clear message

Wallpaper for use with the Peace theme.

Some thoughts

One thing that I really like about the Dapper Wallpaper is the dark and deep brown used in the upper left corner. It offers a bit of mystery and depth behind those shiny new Human folder icons. I'd like to borrow from that technique for this paper.

Sample Ideas

attachment:wheatglow.png To me this paper is a little bright for use with Peace. Peace has a lot of dark hues that get lost on a bright background. What I do like about it is the glow underneath the top panel. Cool effect.

Please Contribute

Just edit this page with the SpecialCapitalLetter syntax which you will be able to click on after saving it, allowing the creation of a new page from any of a number of templates. Alternatively, add attachments to this page by editing and adding "attachment:something". -- Z_diver DateTime(2006-08-04T16:51:10Z)

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