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The Ubuntu Chevron Mesh (3D Model)


This is version 1.00.01 of the Ubuntu "circle of friends" logo for use in promoting and creating Ubuntu related desktops, disk labels, hats or whatever. The model (mesh) is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial - Share A Like 2.5 License.

This 3D mesh (model) was created in Blender, version 2.43. I've exported the Mesh in wavefront format along with it's materials and created a rudimentary Wings3D version for other software import, but it's likely you will have to 'tweak' the model considerably if your software can't import the native blend file.

Instructions for use

Simply download the tar ball and extract it to a empty directory and load or import the appropriate file for your software. Licensing info, a file description and a sample render is included in the package.

Package File

Ubuntu Chevron Version 1.00.01

author:Email: MailTo(phantomgraph AT gmail DOT com)


Sample Images

Other artists are encouraged to include artwork created using the mesh here as well. Smile :)


Sample Render

Author: Phantomgraph Email: MailTo(phantomgraph AT gmail DOT com)


Water and Glass

Author: Phantomgraph Email: MailTo(phantomgraph AT gmail DOT com)

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