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== Blubuntu-Murrine (Glossy) by esun819== === Blubuntu-Murrine (Glossy) by esun819 ===

Blubuntu theme subpage for GTK Themes

Submissions for the Blubuntu GTK Theme

Bluman, by Who

I have updated Bluman and called it Blubuntu. The theme file is here: attachment:blubuntu.tar.bz2 and here is a screenshot for you all:

I would like to know whether you find the background too bright and the blue to light - I hope not, but I have an old CRT so I don't know what TFT people will feel Smile :)


The old version can be seen [ here]

Bluman-Murrine, by Viper550



I modified it so that everything used the Murrine engine except for the scrollbar and progress bar

Ubuntulooks Quicksilver (submitted by DavidCS)

I like the Ubuntulooks Quicksilver theme created by madman2k, this theme is nice and conserve an original trait of the Human theme.

Murrina Sky

On the web:


Blubuntu-Murrine (Glossy) by esun819

I really like the Blubuntu theme; I also made another theme using progress bars from the Aurora GTK engine and with non-glossy menubar items.

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