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'''Concept Art''' == Concept Art ==

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 * I've seen some wicked stuff throught the years, but yours really kicks ass! - Anonymousman123 Today, during Twilight.
 * In Sweden we also have this lovely animal, as well as "knekkebrøt" and polar bears - JachniNücklycken Today, 14:23 08/10/07
 * Your concept needs work, make sure you don't make it too cute. The demographic has always been those in their 20's and 30's. - FOSSArtist63 34:43 12/54/23
 * I think this animal opens the way to perfect contrasts in a theme / wallpaper / whatever. It's cute in a way, but also dark and itchy, which doesn't have to be the 'Ubuntu message' but it's useful in colorshemes and so on. In other words, nice! - TotalWormage
 * The platypus - a sort of strange brown penguin. Hmmmm... I think I like the idea!

Other pages for this artwork cycle:

Grub User Interface

Make grub stylish by default, and find a system tool to edit it with ease.


Creating a user friendly GUI with icons for grub that will be part of the beautiful boot process, wile at the same time remaining functional.

grub ui concept.jpg

Concept Art








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