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United Animals

Here's my idea for a wallpaper, it's some animals gathering around an acacia tree. Smile :)


Animals uniting around an acacia tree at sunset.

animalsacaciaunitesmall.png Higher Resolution

It's not the best wallpaper but I gave it a go.


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  • I think it's awesome. It might be even better if only the animals from the Ubuntu releases were included under the tree and a great big heron spreading its wings on top of the tree. Maybe this could be repeated for each LTS release as well ;] - NanleyChery

  • i like this last comment, this kind of 'joke' is very romantic for 'ubuntu-lovers' while it's not distracting people who don't know the history of ubuntu. i guess this can be a very good wallpaper if there's a link between the picture and the OS :] TotalWormage

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