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Brown Icons


I have some what similar ideas as to the person who posted Satin Ribbon, as I like something to be clean and smooth with out too much glassy effects. I Thought I would have a go at make an icon theme to reflect this idea. It was also because I don't like the current themes they have there own good points but there are certain icons i don't like.

All icons will have no glassy look to them, they will be flat and simple yet still modern looking. This doesn't mean there will be no reflections or gradients but they will have no glassy look. My first Icon is below, please feel free to download and edit the images try different colors even if its not brown, except keep to the above guidelines.

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I have noticed that the icons a fairly dark and I think I might need to lighten them up a bit

I'm having second thoughts with my ideas I think that, the whole simple concept only works for icons in the upper task bar and trying to create any other icons, like programs or system ones just doesn't work.



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