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Fela Kuti

A Fela Kuti inspired heron.


Anchor(Palette) Palette This is just an idea for hardy wallpaper, not a theme. The bird is made up with the traditional Ubuntu colors, the background could be anything.

Anchor(ConceptArt) Concept Art


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  • The second version is 1680x1050, removed the oval-shadow-blur, and scaled down the bird a bit to fit more of it in. 10/13
  • Great, this should be the main hardy wallpaper -- George12
  • I agree with George12, these backgrounds are amazing! It is such an elegant design and adds more color to Ubuntu. This is my first pick for a new Ubuntu wallpaper. -- Lmessenger DateTime(2007-11-27T01:15:11Z)

  • While I don't see it being a main theme, it is definetly the most beautiful available yet... I think its too involved, the average user wants an undistracting wallpaper However, I would pay good money for a shirt of this. Seriously.
  • WOW! Extremely original, ubuntu-ish, and sets apart from other wallpapers. Maybe if you would remove the semi-transparent Ubuntu logo from it, it would look more consistent. The logo looks a bit out of place there. Or, since the wallpapers usually don't include the codename animal, you should experiment with some random shapes and swirls and stuff in that style. Love your work.
  • I could not agree more strongly that this is an incredible entry. Its hip, current, unique, thematic, and hints at a sense of craft that really defines the open-source movement. Absolutely beautiful work. Compelling, non-corporate but still polished enough to look 'professional', and just what Ubuntu needs right now. EDIT: Lets pretend this image is the 'old iPod commercials' with the solid-color backdrops behind the silhouettes. What this image could use is a little more texture to the background, akin to newer iPod commercials. I'm thinking an organic-looking texture in contrast to the vector art style of the main image EDIT2: I think this would be an excellent match to ../TooHuman -Sumit

  • -- TroySobotka DateTime(2008-02-02T08:10:40Z) - I find this to be a deft application of artistic merit. It is contemporary in its technique and stylized in its execution. I would love to see it fleshed out into a larger design instead of the rather constrained element it currently is. The composition is refreshing in our rather depleted world of centre-punch compositional ignorance. If I could make one request it would be to 'go nuts' with the design and push it into a fully fleshed out example of contemporary design. Ignore the default worries and let it become what it should. Gut the tacky branding however -- it is far above that.

  • -AshCogs - I appreciate all the comments, compliments, and suggestions, thank you. I just thought I'd mention that the elements are avail as an svg file which can be opened in inkscape and edited. The background can be changed or deleted, Things can be repositioned, the colors and shapes on the bird can change, dropshadows deleted etc. If you select all and continuously Ungroup, it all breaks down into individual shapes to mess with. I'm not familiar with which CC license to use, and didn't want to conflict with whatever the terms are on works submitted to the wiki, if any. Some comment-ers have posted suggestions or tweaks...I say have at it, and post it! I think I like it better as a login background (as someone has mocked-up) than as a wallpaper. It made me think about how the login page might be the appropriate place for images directly related to the build's animal name and/or version number, as opposed to the wallpaper, which should probably be something less busy and "in-your-face". Of course the wallpaper and login should match somewhat, so that the transition wouldn't be jarring. One argument for associating the build names with a visual is that so many posts and help forums' solutions etc are easily found by searching for the name (eg, "hardy drivers dell 1420") that it warrants some exposure to the user who isn't paying attention to such things. Plus, I like animals.

  • -xl_cheese - I like the idea of using a transparent version so the user can customize the base color via the Appearance manager. The horizontal and vertical gradient options also work well with the idea.


  • -- TroySobotka DateTime(2008-02-05T04:00:27Z) Well I couldn't resist a mild remix of it. It truly is a wonderful piece of work, although I acknowledge the avoidance of a literal interpretation of the release code name in Ubuntu. That said, I couldn't help myself. A very quick proof of principle.

    • attachment:preview.png attachment:source.svg
    • Nice idea Troy! Why not just the background? --AndreRuediger

      • attachment:kuti_heron_background_only.png

        -- TroySobotka DateTime(2008-02-05T21:03:47Z) I thought about it. The main issue is that the heron is rather hammered home in its current incarnation. It would be nice to 'nerf' it slightly and keep the dynamic nature of a mixed background as opposed to the empty vacuum. I strongly suspect this would involve delving into a different palette, as the nature of the logo colours are rather overly saturated. The pastel mauve works extremely well in the original -- I can only expect that a palette evolved around that tonal range would help. Otherwise we are stuck with opacity to lighten the predominant heron. I assume this is what you mean with the 'Why not just the background?' question. Losing the heron altogether seems sub optimal. Just a guess...

-- Tabe_2 DateTime(2008-02-05T18:56:10Z) I love trasnlucent backgrounds because I'm not limitated to a fixed colour background and I can fit my background nevertheless the colors I choose for my theme.


[attachment:kuti_heron_translucent.svg Fullsize]

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