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Garyu's Idea

Keywords for this idea: sturdy, solid, simple, straightforward, elegant

Restricting myself to ideas as my artistic talents are somewhat limited. I would like to see a theme for the next release of Ubuntu that isn't glossy and electrical and fluid. I'm thinking back to the 50's or 60's or possibly 70's.


What I am thinking is no black lines to separate windows and window components, just using different colors of the background. And no blending of colors, just one color in each place. I.e. dark-brown panels with white text, brown window top-bar with white text and the buttons only represented as white symbols, menu/toolbars as very light brown background and text in black, everything else white with black text. No window borders. No lines. Just background colors defining/separating functional areas of the screen.

I added some link to pictures under Concept Art, and some links to websites using similar styles as I had in mind under References. -- Garyu DateTime(2008-04-15T23:53:08Z)

Anchor(Palette) Palette

Anchor(ConceptArt) Concept Art This ad only uses black and red, separated by white. This picture is from a retro-sixties advertisement by McDonalds. This is a picture of a retro wallpaper (the kind that goes on real walls). Sixties retro art.


These websites has a similar concept going.


[wiki:/?action=AttachFile Attach File]



  • The meaning of "50's or 60's or possibly 70's." will have to be nailed down and given example pictures. Those years included many different trends and it is quite difficult to pick one and modernized. I would include for the modernization glossy 3D effects definitely on the GTK2 buttons. I have some sketch to start with, see below. -- Szerencsefia DateTime(2007-09-25T12:53:12Z)

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