This GDM-Theme really fits to the Ubuntu Colors and looks good. You find the original 'Wallpaper' (It is from, Marcel) at:


GDM-Theme with Useralbum

Marcels Original Wallpaper

The GDM-Theme location is: There is also a Version with Useralbum

"dcosner" told me that it might be a good idea to submit this to the Hardy-team. Was not easy for me to find out howto... but finally I did. Smile :-)

Philosophical Comment ;-)

This photograph has been taken in Poland. Ist not a Kalahari Picture. This means to me that the beauty and the good spirit of UBUNTU can exist everywhere in the world, not in Africa only.




  1. The GDM-Theme is actually on the top oft the 'highest rated - GDM-Themes-list' ...and it makes me really happy that you like it, too. Thanks Smile :-) (1)

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