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Theme concepts

Mockups of my concept for the latest Ubuntu release.

The aim was to create a high-contrast theme using Ubuntu brown and large amounts of white and to keep it as clean and crisp as possible. I have tried my best to avoid beige (which is light brown) and only to use subtle gradients rather than full white-to-brown ones. It's work in progress, if you have any comments, stick them below or add them to the 'I like it but...' section (tell me what could be better).

v1.5 Changes

  • Added drag resize dots in the bottom right
  • Lightened the white border
  • Added more control examples
  • Textured and brightened the main window title
  • Modified scrollbars
  • Modified and added button types
  • Added notification window popup

Version 1.5


With Ubuntu-style Wallpaper


With Custom Wallpaper


I like it but...


Man, this is so great! I really LOVE the theme. Available yet? Wink ;-)