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Theme concepts

Mockups of my concept for the latest Ubuntu release.

UPDATE: v1.6 - Ignore the scrollbars, for they are broken. I am still not happy with the buttons either.

The aim was to create a high-contrast theme using Ubuntu brown and large amounts of white and to keep it as clean and crisp as possible. I have tried my best to avoid beige (which is light brown) and only to use subtle gradients rather than full white-to-brown ones. It's work in progress, if you have any comments, stick them below or add them to the 'I like it but...' section (tell me what could be better).

v1.6 Changes

  • Unrounded several elements
  • Added Main Menu dropdown
  • Stole some border effects from the Gelatin theme
  • Changed the colour hues overall
  • Messed up the scrollbars (wait a few days Smile :)

v1.5 Changes

  • Added drag resize dots in the bottom right
  • Lightened the white border
  • Added more control examples
  • Textured and brightened the main window title
  • Modified scrollbars
  • Modified and added button types
  • Added notification window popup

Version 1.6


Version 1.5


With Ubuntu-style Wallpaper v1.4


With Custom Wallpaper



Man, this is so great! I really LOVE the theme. Available yet? Wink ;-)

The Metacity theme is great, colours are great too, but I don't really like the buttons. Too much gloss, over-rounded. Keep on theming ! Smile :) Steph.

I feel that the typeface choice (Gill) and top bar are the two strongest points of your design (and the resize dots are a nice touch!) but the window could definitely use less gloss and rounded corner radius. The border edges and scroll bar strips could probably go, too. I'm liking the subtle brown-to-white gradient of the inactive window's menu bar, and am thinking that you could apply that to the active window as well.

As for the buttons, if you still want to go with the 'pill' look, I think you might be inspired by this:

Best, BramPitoyo

I really like this theme. My only comment would be that I think the scroll bars could use... something... Perhaps lighten the bar and darken the control?

Maybe square off the buttons a bit.