This is a wallpaper only, for the moment. If anyone wants to make icons to go with it, feel free!


Working with the Kuti-stylized Heron, I wanted to make something truly striking, visually. The warmth of the sunrise, the coolness of the morning sky, the silhouette of an acacia tree... all of these sow the interconnectedness of the world, its interdependence on everything else... its ubuntu.

The heron is standing at the sunrise, there but at the same time not there. Behind it, the acacia tree beckons to us all, merely a shadow of itself in the glory of the sun.


Pallette is still forthcoming, and I'm hoping for help on this since I'm colourblind.

Concept Art


Fullsize Image by Redheron


Redheron : original composite from Kuti-style SVG artwork

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