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Just thought I'd throw an idea out there. I think the current human theme looks like a brown version of the winXP: theme: attachment:XP-Human.png and the glossy, shiny themes have been done to death by Vista and OSX

How about we try a theme without using gradients and glossy bits. I'm suggesting a theme with mostly flat colours, and using subtle transparency (care of composite-by-default) and shadows to add depth.

Note: the menubar in the screenshot is another concept for Hardy. You can find more details at: . I'm probably going to put a bounty up for the coding when I've written up a proper spec of what is / how it works.

-- Kidproquo DateTime(2007-10-02T02:02:49Z)


Concept Art

attachment:KPQthumbnail1.png [attachment:KPQfull1.png full size]






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