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Thanks for the comments[[BR]]
I'm glad you liked it :)[[BR]]
Should I post this at the Intrepid artwork?[[BR]]
-- ["Dave701"]


A techy concept for a modern good looking desktop by me, Sayak (["Dave701"])


I call it the Shuffle Desktop. It has a circular shuffle selector on the top left side of the screen, with the outermost ring having the installed applications, the middle ring having the System paths, while the inner ring left for a custom applet. It has a customizable panel at the bottom which might resemble the KDE panel w/o a menu. The log-off and shut-down buttons are there on a bottom right tray which may be drawn out/inflated or pushed back in/deflated. The desktop supports widgets like the KDE4 environment.



I think that this is a great idea, definitely something that stands out from other OSs (who knows, in a few years we might see this is windows if it takes off XD). It might work better if you could split up the third ring into the categories that ubuntu uses, such as accessories, internet...ect. It might be a bit late for this ubuntu release, but I would love to see it after 8.04. -TheStig_992

Very nice - like the stig said, it's too late for the release of hardy heron, but it'd be brilliant for the next release - I think with that, then it'd be a serious contender for all operating systems (yes, I know, big statement) like Mac and Windows, if you take the application support out of the equation. Absolutely brilliant design - have you actually got a working 'model' of this? -Lake54

Agreed. It's sexy _and_ organized, the enemy of a cluttered desktop. It adds more content to the desktop without overwhelming you with stuff. I always only keep two icons on my desktop: "Computer" and "Home." This would allow me to have seven more without making the desktop any more complicated. Also, I have ADD, so "sleek organization" appeals to me. This thing would also make for a good "unique selling point" for Ubuntu. So, +1 all around! --TinaRussell

Thanks for the commentsBR I'm glad you liked it :)BR Should I post this at the Intrepid artwork?BR -- ["Dave701"]

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