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It is an example how to use the color harmony and scale for separation and skip the lines on the menu/tool-bars. These are real and workable example how to harmonize the menu/tool-bars.
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1. Caramel: [[BR]]
attachment:thumbnail.Caramel.png [[BR]]
[attachment:Caramel.png Full Picture] [[BR]]
Download: [] [[BR]]

2. DarkCaramel: [[BR]]
attachment:thumbnail.DarkCaramel.png [[BR]]
[attachment:DarkCaramel.png Full Picture] [[BR]]
Download: [] [[BR]]

== Concept ==
This is also an idea but for Metacity. The buttons and the bottom line that make the theme special. One way or another this could be used as well in Hardy.

3. eGutsy: [[BR]]
attachment:thumbnail.eBlueBall.png [[BR]]
[attachment:eBlueBall.png Full Picture] [[BR]]
Download: [] [[BR]]
||Caramel: [[BR]]||
||[attachment:Caramel.png Full Size]||
Download Caramel theme: []
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4. Light Coffee 3 : OFF-ROAD [[BR]]
attachment:thumbnail.LC3_Off-Road.png [[BR]]
[attachment:LC3_Off-Road.png Full Picture] [[BR]]

5. Light Coffee 3 : OFF-ROAD for UHU-Linux [[BR]]
attachment:UHU_thumb.png [[BR]]
[attachment:UHU.png Full Picture] [[BR]]
|| Caramel Gummy: [[BR]]||
||<tablestyle="text-align:center">[attachment:CaramelGummy.png Full Size]||
Download Caramel Gummy theme: []
||Dark Caramel: [[BR]]||
||<tablestyle="text-align:center">attachment:DarkCaramel_thumb.png [[BR]]||
||<tablestyle="text-align:center">[attachment:DarkCaramel.png Full Picture]||
Download Dark Caramel theme: []
And the last is for Metacity.
||Light Coffee 3 : OFF-ROAD [[BR]]||
||<tablestyle="text-align:center">attachment:LC3-OFFROAD_thumb.png [[BR]]||
||<tablestyle="text-align:center">[attachment:LC3-OFFROAD.png Full Picture]||
Download Light Coffee 3 :OFF-ROAD theme: []
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Szerencsefia's GTK Idea

I have created several designs for GNOME and I found it interesting. I was the source who merged different bars (menubar + toolbar + Metacity frame) into one complex design (see bellow). This idea can be used for the next upcoming Ubuntu release design. I would love it.


These are real and workable example how to harmonize the menu/tool-bars.

Caramel: BR


[attachment:Caramel.png Full Size]

Download Caramel theme: [] BR BR BR BR

Caramel Gummy: BR


[attachment:CaramelGummy.png Full Size]

Download Caramel Gummy theme: [] BR BR BR BR

Dark Caramel: BR

attachment:DarkCaramel_thumb.png BR

[attachment:DarkCaramel.png Full Picture]

Download Dark Caramel theme: [] BR BR BR BR And the last is for Metacity.

Light Coffee 3 : OFF-ROAD BR

attachment:LC3-OFFROAD_thumb.png BR

[attachment:LC3-OFFROAD.png Full Picture]

Download Light Coffee 3 :OFF-ROAD theme: []

Anchor(Palette) Palette

Anchor(ConceptArt) Concept Art



[wiki:/?action=AttachFile Attach File]



  • I agree wholeheartedly with your design idea. I've always found myself visually frustrated by nautilus and the like because your mind has to process too much to work out what you need to look at. By having this visual separation (not just a jolly line) it is very easy for you to quickly figure out what you want to look at. I LOVE IT!!! Socceroos DateTime(2007-12-11T12:53:34Z)

  • These concept images feel extremely open and accessible; much less crowded than the default desktop. (and I don't think it's due to the size of the images/lack of second toolbar) Excellent work!
  • Could you provide a download for your first theme? I like it a lot and want to use it. Great Work!
  • AlessandroDelgado 2008-02-03 A bit Vista-like, don't you guys think?

  • Nah, I don't think so. I suppose you meant to comment the dark brown glossy theme, right? If so let say: "MS designers could make somethin' tasteful and they made though, my theme is still biting it." Try out my theme and comment once more after :-P [Szerencsefia]

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