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Too Human

The idea of the too human theme is that even with a palette of gentile and warm colors you will be able to stun and amaze even OS-X and Vista users.


Anchor(Palette) attachment:palette.png



made in inkscape - just a rough draft

attachment:button.png attachment:button2.png attachment:greybutton.png attachment:loadingbar.png


attachment:wallpaperthumbnail.png attachment:wallpaperthumbnail2.png

all the .svg's and full size images are in here: attachment:toohuman.tar.bz2


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  • Good but too light. Darker window borders would be better.
  • I like the widgets but I'm not a fan of OSX style windows. -- George12
  • Thanks for the feedback, I will try to make some more within the next few days -- Tom Wright
  • This is the best one I've seen so far,I really want the Hardy style to be something like this -- Mahdee Jameel
  • I like the softer tones and would like to see this style developed. Who says the desktop has to be visually aggressive?
  • I think this is a great theme. I'd like to have a style that does not impose itself too much. This one does the job. It is nicely polished and unobtrusive.
  • I like the soft tones but I find the text difficult to read. I think the text needs to be darker as right now it hurts my eyes trying to read it. It blends into the background too much. - Andrew Fenn
  • Can I pick my jaw off the floor now? This is damn-near perfect. The detailing is fun and contemporary without being obtrusive. The clarity of the interface is fantastic and the low-contrast look is much less fatiguing on the eyes. This is a look that also allows for great visuals without relying on graphic effects only available on newer hardware. These are mock-ups, right? Any chance you could make actual GNOME/GTK themes for these so we can see how it works when actually implemented, and whether or not rewrites to GTK/GNOME would be necessary for these to look 'right'? I like the less 'physical' look of this, because I've gotten somewhat sick of the (poorly-executed) Linux look of fake physical objects stacked on top of each other, particularly with 'physical'-looking GTK icons on top of 'physical'-looking buttons. EDIT: I think this would go great with ../Fela Kuti -Sumit

  • Thanks for all the great feedback, i had totally forgotten about this stuff. Just to conferm this theme is a mockup made in inkscape; if anyone wants to make a GTK+ version that would be amazing but i am not the person (I have only programmed a bit and that was in java). Coinsidently i did make a wallpaper based on Fela Kuti's work. I will see if i can find it. Usability wise do the window boarders need to be smaller, and how would they look with compiz? Hopefully i actually will be able to make some more soon (some docks for a start, i'm thinking AWN or cario-dock style). --Tom Wright

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