usplash theme with monochromatic Canonical logo for Ubuntu,Kubuntu... etc.


One distrib, one logo. Like in Apple's OSX. If you don't like gray, fill it with your favourite colour, just be careful with palette indexes. I don't like brown, sorry.

"One world, one life, one chance, one reason. All under one sky, one changing, one season."


  • Too Mac. Ubuntu needs its own and equally-beautiful identity. The same way people can take one look at a Mac OS and say "hey, that's Mac!" or one look at Windows and say "ew, that's Windows!" we need people to be able to take one look at Ubuntu and say "that's linux!". I agree about Ubuntu's over-reliance on brown and orange though. -Sumit, 2008|01|30
  • I agree. It looks basically just like OS X, except with a canonical logo. We can't have that, it's the mistake that often gets made by icon designers aswell. (think, OS X + Vista icons) -Srynznfyra, 2008|03|16
  • I've got nothing against a Canonical logo in the Usplash, however I think the focus ought to be the Ubuntu logo. Maybe Canonical's logo could be in a bottomhand corner somewhere? -Alliance4, 2008|04|12
  • Sumit - Basically, the unified look of 'buntu variants makes the "that's Ubuntu" feeling. Alliance4 - The concept IS the monochromatized Canonical logo, because it's the common piece of 'buntu variants logos. (The Kubuntu logo is sooo ugly...) Srynznfyra - Yes, minimalizm from Apple. Smile :) -kikke, 2008|04|20

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