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Round Edge

Concept Art


  • I really like this idea. It's fresh and innovative but simple, practical and un-contrived. Brilliant! Not sure about the little Ubuntu logo stuffed in the corner, but that's trivial.

    • Thanks. And keep in mind, that this is just a concept, so feel free to modify. Wink ;-) And yes, the ubuntu-logo really doesn't match here. Sad :(

I really love this concept. I'm a New Media design student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco looking to diversity my portfolio and get involved in the Ubuntu community. May I have your permission to develop this concept artistically? As more of an artist, I don't really understand how this development community works/ how I actually physically contribute & be seen. I do however have strong design sense, and if someone would help me, I'd love to get started Smile :)

  • Feel free to do whatever you want! Smile :-)


I'm a bit worried about the usability implications of placing the close button that near the minimize and maximize buttons, as well as how small the buttons might become in this kind of design. I think that it might become a little too easy to click the wrong button by accident and close the programme, or minimize it and be left wondering where it went. When windows are maximized, I think it might compound the problem by adding another target in that small area (the applications menu).

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