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 * -whistles- by far the best theme i've seen! very clear, light and distinct. well done! -- KhaaL


An idea I got after looking at the Gelatin theme. I'm not saying it should be the default theme or anything, I just think it would be a good theme to have on the disc.


Now available for download here. 5.5 MB zip file, with instructions on installing enclosed. Works perfect on Hardy.


It is a theme based off of the Gelatin controls and window border, the HumanElephant Savane icon theme, and the ComicCursor White cursor.

Concept Art


Fullsize Image by Yamfox


Fullsize Image by Yamfox


Fullsize Image by Yamfox


  • Finally, a complete theme! Good work. I like your color choices and the combinations used, but I think that a few more original elements couldn't hurt. -- PitrTMayhew 2008-05-04 01:42:10

  • Too much orange on the one (its too bright) and not enough contrast on the other (too dark).-- Brettalton 2008-06-18 22:11:51

  • -whistles- by far the best theme i've seen! very clear, light and distinct. well done! -- KhaaL

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