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||[attachment:wallbio8.jpg Fullsize] Image by Biosoft - Artwork by arun||

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Dream Wallpaper

This topic concerns the new wallpaper for Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex. After the 8.04 wallpaper, the Heron silhouette, I think Ubuntu has to restore the abstract wallpapers it had as default in the last years. As the main focus of this incoming release is the change of colour palette and of the look'n'feel of Ubuntu, I think we have to aim to a wallpaper that can satisfy eyes and perceptions, first to capture the attention of new users and then to make Ubuntu more competitive, including the look and feel, with the other OS. We asked the collaboration of one great deviantART graphic artist, deadPxl, who has granted us to use his masterpieces for Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex.


There are two kinds of wallpapers: The "Aqua Dreams" and the "Eye-Candy"; the first softer, the second more defined.

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[attachment:wall1.jpg Fullsize] Image by Mariux - Artwork by deadPxl


[attachment:wall2.jpg Fullsize] Image by Mariux - Artwork by deadPxl


[attachment:wall3.jpg Fullsize] Image by Mariux - Artwork by deadPxl


[attachment:wall4.jpg Fullsize] Image by Mariux - Artwork by deadPxl


[attachment:wall5.jpg Fullsize] Image by Mariux - Artwork by deadPxl


[attachment:wall6.jpg Fullsize] Image by Mariux - Artwork by deadPxl


[attachment:wall7.jpg Fullsize] Image by Mariux - Artwork by deadPxl


[attachment:wallbio8.jpg Fullsize] Image by Biosoft - Artwork by arun



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  • I don't usually comment on wallpapers, but this wallpaper is brilliant. I always thought I loved the Heron silhouette, but this is just so much better. It looks and feels amazing. Far beyond anything an Apple, or most certainly a Microsoft wallpaper could ever be. Top Job! LostOverThere DateTime(2008-05-21T13:35:56Z)

  • Great! - -- YLeretaille DateTime(2008-05-24T16:36:24Z)

  • Wow, that really looks amazing! I already downloaded it (the last, brown one) and use it as my Desktop background -- Plippo
  • Really, really good. I hope it gets into this release. -- Mirek2
  • The colours are stunning, but not Ubuntu's colours. Try making one that is similar to the Hardy Heron wallpaper (colour-wise) and we'll have a very sharp wallpaper on our hands.-- Brettalton DateTime(2008-06-18T22:14:18Z)

  • @Brettalton -- I disagree that *all* the colors on Ubuntu's screen absolutely must be limited to Ubuntu colors. The Ubuntu colors should be represented in some way by a theme, but not necessarily in the wallpaper. I would argue the opposite stance, that one of Ubuntu's past failings has been a poor handling of brown dominating its wallpapers, making it the butt of jokes. For examples of better handling of color mix, look at some of the "open source photos" which contain brown that I posted on the Desktop Background Submissions page. Otherwise, this set of wallpapers would be great as the default if you could manage to get all of them to gradually transition from one to the other with a gradual fading effect. It could be timed to coincide with the seasons or the time of day -- great eye candy. -- Brian Fleeger (2008-06-26)
  • The best suggestion I've seen so far - not much Ibex in the image (but there doesn't need to be). -- MadsRH (2008-06-30)

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