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 * The bottom panel is what makes this theme as it makes it different from other distros as well as not copying Windows or Mac. The panel would work and look better if the tasks were icons instead of words. The kde4 type windows are good but not really inventive. Keep working on it. --Drew

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I want to start creating this as a fully working theme. If anyone is happy to help, please see this post:


This is a concept I've had in my head since Hardy's attempt at a redesign. The idea is is to use a simple, out of the way colour to provide as little distraction to the user as possible. As a designer, I see a lot of companies splashing their identity colour everywhere. Ubuntu has done much the same, everything is brown/orange. What I propose is a much more subtle branding - using hints of the identity colour where appropriate, to create a distinct, but not overtly in-your-face theme.

Anchor(ConceptArt) Concept Art Run application is in focus here. This is a good basic feel of how I think things should be. The cursor is there literally for context - I'm not suggesting changing cursor theme. *NEW V3*Tightened up the buttons, changed the window colours slightly. To me this feels more solid. This is now at a point where I am really looking to make it a theme, so any willing to help please make yourselves known!


[attachment:espresso1_v3.png Fullsize] Image by Keithamus

*OLD* Since the old version, I've made the buttons stronger, more "indented" this was how my original vision was, so this is more of a fine tune to what I want it to be. As you may notice, as requested in the comments I've including the "Dream Wallpaper" entry. I've also solidified the colours, the orange palette now consists of the red and orange from the ubuntu logo.


[attachment:espresso1_new.png Fullsize] Image by Keithamus



[attachment:espresso1.png Fullsize] Image by Keithamus

Progress bars are detailed and colourful (and animated) - to give the user something to look at while waiting. The rest of the widgets provide no strong colour, but are different enough from the window frame to "pop". Selected buttons (like tabs, or checkboxes) draw more attention to themselves with a slight orange border - the user most likely will want to pay attention to what they're agreeing to, or where they are (what tab).


[attachment:espresso2.png Fullsize] Image by Keithamus

*NEW* This is a mockup of the start bar, which I think everyone can agree needs work. When you first open it, it shows up the 3 most used applications, and focuses the search bar. Since the old version, I've changed little - the selection box is now a gradient, the tooltip has changed slightly, and the button now works much better I think.


[attachment:espresso3_new.png Fullsize] Image by Keithamus



[attachment:espresso3.png Fullsize] Image by Keithamus

When searching, results come up and the first result is selected (but the searchbar is still focused). Pressing enter can then run the selected result (so, in effect, I could hit start, type "firefox" hit enter, and be running firefox). This is the quicksilver/gnome-do/krunner/raptor style of launching things, which I think is very efficient.


[attachment:espresso4.png Fullsize] Image by Keithamus

These can, of course, easily be extended to other distributions, perhaps to create a solid branding across official ubuntu distros? If this theme ever gets to the stage of making it, I want it to be flexible with colours - so the user (or distributor) can change the colours very easily to completely change the feel of the theme; much like Murrine. *NEW V3*


[attachment:espresso_studiov3.png Fullsize] Image by Keithamus



[attachment:espresso_studio.png Fullsize] Image by Keithamus


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  • It's the best Ibex theme I've seen yet! Great work!
  • I really like the first Widget Factory view, but you need to make that wallpaper either more simplistic and smooth (ie: the sun's rays) or add some depth to it. It seems rather two dimensional at the moment. -- Brettalton DateTime(2008-06-18T22:16:51Z)

  • This is really gorgeous!
  • The bottom panel is really sexy I love the way it's not the 100% wide. This should be default in Ibex. Also, IMHO the wallpaper should be less saturated. The colors seem too strong to me. What about combining the theme with the Dream wallpaper?
  • Would look great on Kubuntu, for the Qt theme!
  • Brilliant theme! A bit like oxygen for KDE4, only cleaner and... different! I'm guessing that this is just a mock up, but it would be great to be able to use it. Far better than the dark theme that's being used... -- Benji DateTime(2008-07-11T17:26:35Z)

  • I just love it. It's different, and it sets Ubuntu apart from all the GNOME-based distros. This should be the default theme. --sendo72
  • The bottom panel is what makes this theme as it makes it different from other distros as well as not copying Windows or Mac. The panel would work and look better if the tasks were icons instead of words. The kde4 type windows are good but not really inventive. Keep working on it. --Drew

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