A New Font for Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex 8.10

This is a wiki page for the art team and who else to show off open source fonts as suggestions for the default fonts in Intrepid.

I have discussed the state of the look of Ubuntu with Mark Shuttleworth, and he suggested using the following procedure.

Use the art team to develop wiki's displaying unified work towards three areas: 1) Fonts, 2) Icons, and 3) the Theme.

We will list several options on the wiki, along with guidelines. We will then discuss the options, narrowing them down to a few choices. These wiki pages will be used to then show Shuttleworth the Art Team's work.

Salane Ashcraft salane89@gmail.com

Google Droid

This font has been discussed by the Art Team much lately, and show great promise. The only problem right now is making sure it is completely open source.

Download Link: http://benno.id.au/blog/2007/11/14/android-filesystems Note: download the system.tar.gz, extract, then paste into a new folder in your fonts folder.

Red hat Liberation

This font was developed by Red Hat for use in the Linux world. These are very good fonts.

Download Link: https://www.redhat.com/promo/fonts/

Google Droid and Red Hat Liberation Fonts


Fullsize Image by Google and Red Hat

DejaVu Sans Condensed

What happened to the discussion about D.V.S.C. being the default font and why are we considering a font that *might* be open source one day?


Fullsize Comparison of all 3 proposed fonts

Here's how my desktop looks with DejaVu Sans Condensed and Droid:

DejaVuSansCondensedThumb.png <-DejaVu Sans Condensed

DroidThumb.png <-Droid

Both fonts are 9pt, RGB & Slight hinting.

I think Droid looks decidedly less modern with its Serif capital "I". And it's even more condensed than DejaVu Sans Condensed, which was the main complaint of the original thread about changing the main font.-- vyruss 2008-07-08 23:04:52

More screenshots: Droid Sans 9pt with no hinting, grayscale smoothing Droid Sans 9pt with slight hinting, grayscale smoothing DejaVu Sans Condensed with slight hinting, grayscale smoothing


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