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== HUMAN 2 ==

||[attachment:screenshot.png Fullsize] large file!! /Image by Kimmik||

|| Human 2 GTK || [attachment:Human-2.tar.gz Download] ||
|| Human 2 Emerald || [attachment:Human-2.emerald Download] ||

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GTK-theme proposal

This page is for GTK theme proposals. I suggest that we use the pixmap engine.

Why pixmap engine?

To create a theme that looks nice and new we need to use this engine or create a complete new engine (which is a lot of work), otherwise we just create a different murrine/clearlooks/aurora theme.

+ The good thing about the engine is that it is very very flexible. You can create all widgets in gimp or inkscape and then use the pixmap engine to create a theme.

- The bad thing is that some people think it's "slow" (the engine is only milliseconds slower than other engines depending on the size of the used .pngs).

Everybody who wants to participate should create mockups of specific elements of the GTK-theme (for example: buttons) and post them. Then the mockups can be improved by others, until a final decision for the specific element is made.

Of course this makes only sense if there is a guideline for the widget-mockups (without it, this would result in a mess of random mockups that don't fit well together).


The theme should use bright colors (dark themes create too many unsolvable problems).

A mod of the current ubuntu-color-scheme could be used.

The basic colors:

I suggest that we make the bg-color a little bit darker, and the selected-bg-color more saturated.


#EAE7E4 instead of #EFEBE7


#F8A42F instead of #FFD799


Concept Art

Here are some mockups I made:


[attachment:test.png Fullsize] Image by Kimmik

After playing around a little bit I found a style that is a compromise between the old human-theme and elements of the Kith/Kin mockups. It features glossyness (like Kin) and more color:


[attachment:test2.png Fullsize] Click to see all widgets /Image by Kimmik

You can see that it already works (thanx to the awesome pixmap engine).

Next try with more colors etc.:


[attachment:test3.png Fullsize] Click to see all widgets /Image by Kimmik

Theme almost finished:


[attachment:desktop.jpg Fullsize] large file!! /Image by Kimmik



[attachment:screenshot.png Fullsize] large file!! /Image by Kimmik

Human 2 GTK

[attachment:Human-2.tar.gz Download]

Human 2 Emerald

[attachment:Human-2.emerald Download]


[wiki:/?action=AttachFile Attach File]



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