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Intrepid needs a new usplash. It is the first thing people see when they start Ubuntu, it should make an impression. It should also be consistent with the default theme, especially, for instance the progress bar.

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[attachment:platypusafraid.png Fullsize] Image by Lassegul


This is a resurrection of this usplash design for hardy:


[wiki:/?action=AttachFile Attach File]



  • I've seen some wicked stuff throught the years, but yours really kicks ass! - Anonymousman123 Today, during Twilight.
  • In Sweden we also have this lovely animal, as well as "knekkebrøt" and polar bears - JachniNücklycken Today, 14:23 08/10/07

  • Your concept needs work, make sure you don't make it too cute. The demographic has always been those in their 20's and 30's. - FOSSArtist63 34:43 12/54/23
  • I think this animal opens the way to perfect contrasts in a theme / wallpaper / whatever. It's cute in a way, but also dark and itchy, which doesn't have to be the 'Ubuntu message' but it's useful in colorshemes and so on. In other words, nice! - TotalWormage

  • The platypus - a sort of strange brown penguin. Hmmmm... I think I like the idea!

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