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Ocean Theme for Ubuntu


This "Ocean Concept" tries to become a glassy theme with Ocean colors.

With the capacities of Compiz Fusion (or equivalent X Server which provides Alpha blending for the desktop), it's very nice to have a theme clear as water.

This theme objective is to become an "every day" theme. With bright colors such as very light yellow (in place of white), soft colors as Turquoise for highlighting and darker ones for icons or windows, it will be possible to make a clear and limpid interface.


In example, here is one printscreen of my current desktop :

  • Ocean Wallpaper
  • Gnome Bars in semi-translucent white (remark that the whiteness at the bottom of the wallpaper allows us to choose a very high level of transparency)
  • Glassy Widgets : Clear Calendar (blue theme), Analog Clock, Weather forecast, now playing. Everything on the desktop ("keep below" option)


[attachment:DeskTop.jpg Fullsize]

Color Palette



attachment:Blanc1.png attachment:Jaune1.png attachment:vert1.png attachment:turquoise1.png attachment:Turquoise2.png attachment:Ocean.png



Anchor(Wallpaper) Ocean Cadiz


[attachment:OceanCadiz.jpg Wallpaper in Fullsize] (1920 x 1200)

Picture by St├ęphane Vergeylen.

This photo has been taken in April 2008 on the beach of Cadiz (South of Espania).



These are the palette's inspiration. These pictures come from the internet.

Ocean Surf attachment:OceanSurfThumb.jpg [attachment:OceanSurf.jpg Fullsize] (Image from the Web)

Ocean Cascade attachment:OceanCascadeThumb.jpg [attachment:OceanCascade.jpg Fullsize] (Image from the Web)

Ocean Beach attachment:OceanBeachThumb.jpg [attachment:OceanBeach.jpg Fullsize] (Image from the Web)


[wiki:/?action=AttachFile Attach New File to improve this theme]



  • I encourage the comments about this concept. Please write them here below... --St├ęphane Vergeylen

To be honest, this could never be default due to the colour scheme being quite cool, instead of warm. However, I would enjoy to see this also on the disc. Good Work.

  • I love your photography, but I don't like the colour scheme, sorry. I'd personally like to see rich colours like the Hardy Heron wallpaper for a colour scheme.

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