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The current Ubuntu theme is unique and distinctive, but looks pretty clunky and old. We need something softer and more modern, while keeping Ubuntu's uniquely brown and orange flavour.


“Peachy” is a new theme for Ubuntu with a very light, soft, orange-brown colour. The idea is to provide a very relaxing, modern, user interface that is easy on the eyes and yet distinctively Ubuntu.

I basically just took the “Unity” window border, made it a very light browny-peach, and slapped on the “glossy” controls. The result was a light, relaxing interface that can set Ubuntu's look apart from other operating systems.

With this theme I propose getting rid of the top menu bar and having everything at the bottom, since it makes it much easier to close maximised windows by clicking the top-rightmost pixel. It creates more space to work with and makes everything look smoother in this theme when the windows are maximised.

One more thing I would like to try out with the controls is having the minimise button clickable from the top-leftmost pixel and the close button clickable from the top-rightmost pixel on maximised windows. This would make it very easy and convenient to minimise and maximise windows.

Anchor(Palette) Palette

The titlebars and backgrounds of all windows will not be brown and grey, as before, but a light, refreshing "peachy" colour:


Anchor(ConceptArt) Concept Art

Everything should blend together nicely and have a nice soft feel:


[attachment:peachy_scr1.png Fullsize]

Maximised windows will look particularly nice. The top-left and top-right pixels should minimise or close the application:


[attachment:peachy_scr2.png Fullsize]

Gnome theme

[attachment:Peachy01.tar.gz Download it here]


How to move the minimise button to the left:

Gnome-look page:

Uses a slightly modified version of the Unity metacity theme by Andrea Cimitan.


[wiki:/?action=AttachFile Attach File]



Hey, I love the look so far. Its really really nice. My only suggestion's would to be make the title bars that lovely orange colour you have for selected items (menu, etc.) and use another icon theme instead of the Human theme. (Maybe the discovery theme?) --LostOverThere DateTime

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