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||[attachment:sapien_mockup.svg Fullsize] Image by Seth Rattan||
||[attachment:sapienscreenshot2.png Fullsize] [attachment:sapien_mockup.svg SVG] Image by Seth Rattan||

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Sapien is a possible visual overhaul for Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex. The basic principle is to use gradients and transparencies within the windows to create a smooth, intuitive interface. Windows should appear as single units, as opposed to a collection of tool bars. What this principle means from a design perspective is using as few solid lines within the windows as is possible. Any contributions should conform to the palette I've provided, although I may update this to the standard Ubuntu colors eventually.


Sapien could be used with the standard human icons, or an entirely new set.

Anchor(Palette) Palette


Changes to pallete: font is now FreeSans, sizes are the same.

Anchor(ConceptArt) Concept Art


[attachment:sapienscreenshot2.png Fullsize] [attachment:sapien_mockup.svg SVG] Image by Seth Rattan

Above is the most recent Sapien screenshot. At this stage, the theme is still only a mockup.

Older Work

Older Sapien Screenshots and files.


Image by Seth Rattan



A detail on the Sapien drop menus.

A detail on the Sapien window controls.

Images by Seth Rattan


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Very good work and concept. I would definitely help if I was good with gradients and transparencies. Really, though, this is the kind of theme people look for when they realize that themes are an option. Let me know if there's anything I can do- -- PitrTMayhew DateTime(2008-05-02T19:23:14Z)

Nice, however I personally dislike it how the title bar's colours blend into the rest of the window. Transparencies would be great too. Otherwise, Nice job. -- Nicholas Kraak DateTime

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