Sharp Chocolate

Sharp Chocolate is a theme which tries to embrace the soothing nature chocolate has into a theme which is usable and friendly. Sharp Chocolate does this by modifying the well liked Darker Ice theme and changing it to brown, then modifying it to make it as distinct from other operating systems as possible without making it unusable. Unlike some themes, this isn't a mockup. It is an actual theme, complete with GTK, Metacity, and Emerald versions of it. They are attached below.


The theme uses the pixmap engine, which is a little slower at rendering and doesn't look like will be including transparencies anytime soon. The advantage of this, though, is that it offers the most extensive support of techniques, as anything you can do with an image editor you can do to this theme. It will try to give an Emerald and Metacity theme so that folks who use either of those can use this theme without much hassle.


This screenshot is the current evolution of the theme. It may not be the same as what is currently on my computer.

Theme files

Here are the actual files for the theme. It doesn't include a wallpaper. That you can download from the references.

GTK and Metacity theme

Emerald theme


Wallpaper in current evolution

Theme this one is based off of


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