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UbuntuArena (v2.4)

A sane default theme with a smooth pallete of colors for a non traumatic experience in linux.


A theme that uses some specific ubuntu old theme concepts (orange pallete, metacity ..) but makes a change to a complete clearlooks engine GUMMY style.

The purpose is use a theme standard, easy for the eyes and fast. It uses the standard GNOME visual look: No excesive pixmap painted widgets, all from engine and all coherent.

The theme uses orange for the selected color and sand color for the rest.

The buttons are contrasted and more shiny that the background.

The menu is background color and creates continuity with the rest of the window.

The panel, the toolbar and the notebook are more shiny that background and create sensation of volume.

The fonts use a dark color but not totally black.

Is compatible with any size of font but I recommend sans 10 for metacity and sans 8 for the rest.

A wallpaper like the screenshot can be nice.

For my taste, metacity transparencies makes the theme look bad. All other composite effects looks perfect.

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