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Arena (v2.75)

A sane default theme with a smooth pallete of colors for a pleasant experience in linux.


A theme that uses some specific ubuntu old theme concepts (orange pallete, metacity ..) but makes a change to a complete clearlooks engine. The purpose is use a theme standard, easy for the eyes and fast. It uses the standard GNOME visual look: No excesive pixmap painted widgets, all from engine and all coherent.

Engine tweaks:

- Uses orange for the selected color and sand color for the rest.

- Buttons are contrasted and more shiny that the background.

- Menu is background color and creates continuity with the rest of the window.

- Toolbar and the notebook are more shiny that background and create sensation of volume.

- Panel has a gradient effect and resizable up to 48px.

- Metacity is original and based on clearlooks code.

- The fonts use a dark color but not totally black.

Is compatible with any size of font but I recommend sans 10 for metacity and sans 8 for the rest.

For my taste, metacity transparencies makes the theme look bad. All other composite effects looks perfect.

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  • Too soft, hard to read the title bar.-- Brettalton 2008-06-18 23:03:58

  • It's true, the new version is more sharp -- dw
  • I fail to see what is new in this. Looks like Hardy pretty much, and too much (IMHO). -- Karoliina Salminen 2023-10-01 08:51:46

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