Ubuntu 8.10 Guideline Proposal: "Keyhole"

The "Keyhole" guideline proposal gets its name from one of its main design elements. The basic concept is to achieve a new look by keeping the parts of the Human theme that were effective, and build on those. A whole new look should achieved by focusing on dozens of small design refinements to totally remake the whole.

Proposed Guidelines

I. Regardless if the theme is light or dark, it should do the following:

Sample of How a "Keyhole" Might Appear


View Large :: Image by Brian Fleeger

II. Suggested Color use (light theme):

III. Suggested Color use (dark theme)

IV. Things to Consider:


These guidelines borrow heavily from the New Wave theme development guidelines, with modification. Though there are many differences, the New Wave team's guidelines can clarify many of the points discussed here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Intrepid/NewWave?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=graphical_guidelines.pdf


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  • For images, use a low resolution picture in the wiki page. It should be no taller than 240 pixels. If you need to upload higher resolutions, please upload them as an attachment and link to them from the page.
  • Use @SIG@ to leave your signature at the end of your comment. New comments should be placed at the bottom of the feedback.


I really like the guidelines proposed here, except a few things:


Another thing to gonsider is a clearer distinction than the present between content and menu-/toolbars and content. E.g. in Evolution, when the mail list is scrolled, it seems to disappear into nothing, because the colors are almost the same of content and chrome. Maybe a drop shadow or something to make the content seem more physically embedded in the chrome?


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