Ubuntunion shall become a GTK and Metacity/Emerald theme. The idea behind it is that every window - including the title bar - shall appear as an union, with no lines seperating it (same idea as behind Sapiens).


Around every window, there is a rounded border that forms a frame for the union that the window shall be. Inside the window, there are ideally no lines or colored areas that seperate the whole window. The different parts of a window (title bars, menus, toolbars...) are seperated by gradient lines, seperating and uniting them at the same time. The colors used come from the Tango Desktop Project color palette, thus Tango/Tangerine would be the preferred icon theme for this concept. Orange is used for highlights like the border of an active window or highlighted text, white for backgrounds, and gray for other parts (like borders of buttons, seperators, borders of inactive windows).



Concept Art



Full size Image by Plippo

Full size Image by Plippo

First mockup of nautilus in Ubuntunion theme

Widgets for Ubuntunion theme

Source (Inkscape SVG)

Source (Inkscape SVG)

Desktop color is only a placeholder for some nice background image

Dark/Half dark edition



Full size Image by Plippo

Full size Image by Plippo

Ubuntunion dark edition

Ubuntunion Half dark edition

Desktop color is only a placeholder for some nice background image


Tango Icon Theme

Tango color palette

Sample Downloads

I've created a first version of the Metacity theme (contains the window borders and title bar). It doesn't look that well without a fitting GTK2 theme, but if you change the background color of your GTK2 theme to pure white it's OK. ubuntunion.tar.gz

A first rough version of a GTK2 theme (using the pixmap engine) will follow as soon as I find the time to create it.


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