down with tango up with human, down with metacity up with emerald.

why on earth are people still creating their mockups etc. using tango? im sorry, its lost the battle, it just looks nowhere near as good as human, i meen just compare the curves, gradient and shapes of human's default folder icon with tango's simplistic, pseudo 3d one and human very, very clearly wins hands down. i think alot of the support tango gets is just down to it being seen as an underdog and a way of making mockups and things seem ever so slighly more individualistic but look let's just let it go and try and just improve human rather than waste our time on tango.

second of all, and i think more importantly i think its about time we started using emerald themes, for reasons i dont quite understand its gone out of fashion recently and i really cant understand why. now look i dont want to offend anyone and suffocate under a barrage of angry comments but although the default human metacity theme is probably as impressive as a metacity theme can be, without multiple gradients, translucency, translucency gradients etc. (that is to say glassy and shiny effects) you cant possibly expect to impress any random computer user, even if they still use xp or even earlier systems people have still at least seen vista and osx with their more interestingand complex window borders. i accept that not everyone can use emerald due to the age of their system but rather than go at the pace of the slowest i suggest using a tier system upon installation where the user can decide because just expecting the people who want emerald to install it themselves obviously gets rid of any possibility of creating a standardised ubuntu default emerald theme which i certainly think that there should be, (its also annoyingly tricky to change to emerald permentantly which involves creating a session and this is likely to confuse noobs thus hampering ubuntu's usability which is supposed to be one of our main priorities.)

so having created this group im going to follow it up with a group for emerald theme suggestions, and just to break the ice the first suggestion will be mine.




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