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'''Renderings''' '''Preview'''
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||[[attachment:SansDune2560x1600.01.png|Widescreen 16:10]] By [[LaunchpadHome:sealv]] ||||[[attachment:SansDuneAlt2560x1600.01.png|Widescreen 16:10]] By [[LaunchpadHome:sealv]]||
Please full-view preview images are too bright.
||[[attachment:brown.png|Full Preview]] By [[LaunchpadHome:sealv]] ||||[[attachment:orange.png|Full Preview]] By [[LaunchpadHome:sealv]]||
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||[[attachment:attachment:sansdune0.1.svg|Reddish background (SVG)]] By [[LaunchpadHome:sealv]]||||[[attachment:attachment:sansdunealt0.1.svg|Orangish background (SVG)]] By [[LaunchpadHome:sealv]]||
*Special thanks to MMA(cory), who helped me to do this in a pure svg, and not the strange combination of svg, png and xcf.
These tar.gz files include:
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* Source SVG files at (2100X1600);(1600X1200);(1280x1024).

* PNG's at the specified sizes (just in case ;)).
||[[attachment:Hselfbrown0.8.tar.gz|Brown Version(0.8)]] By [[LaunchpadHome:sealv]]||||[[attachment:Hselforange0.5.tar.gz|Orange Version (0.5)]] By [[LaunchpadHome:sealv]]||
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## * Your Comment Here - -- [[LaunchpadHome:sealv]] <<DateTime(2009-02-14T08:53:19-0500)>> * Leave me some comments! - -- [[LaunchpadHome:sealv]] <<DateTime(2009-03-01T08:53:19-0500)>>


Abstract wallpaper, based on skin/flesh tones.


Humans have always had a varied and flush phenotype. One of the basic expressions of our phenotype is in the color of our skin. Our diversity should be celebrated, it is after-all what has let us survive.


I use the default Inkscape Template, and refered to stock pictures on flickr to get most of these flesh tones.


Please full-view preview images are too bright.


These tar.gz files include:

* Source SVG files at (2100X1600);(1600X1200);(1280x1024).

* PNG's at the specified sizes (just in case ;)).


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* Leave me some comments! - -- sealv 2009-03-01 13:53:19

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