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Autor: Cleber Santz

Rounded scrollbar

  • Like MAC OS X and Fedora(Nodoka theme) make avaliable in Ubuntu rounded scrollbars, this will be a nice experience for end user


  • This is already used by Fedora distro with the Nodoka theme
  • This is how Ubuntu look today

    and this is what i propose for Jaunty OS X Fedora(Nodoka theme)



+1 Generally presents well with OOO being a challange as Open Office blocks the stepper.

See Incoming Jaunty Theme: Artwork/Incoming/Jaunty/Impression


+1 Maybe an good compromise would be to make it less round than Solaris, MacOS and Fedora, but not as simple as a straight line. I remember noticing the, scrollbars when they were changed the last time, so this might have some relevance, after all.

narrow Version: wider Version:

SVG-Source of my mockups.

--Bengt L├╝ers

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I really do not care for this. Windows uses a block scrollbar; I think Ubuntu's looks smooth and clean. -Brian