Since the beginning of Ubuntu I was a sucker for its chromatic and tried to find out a simpler way to put all the needs of a user at a handy touch.


This mocup was inspired to me by a world wide known software producer (I don't want to make an add here) and thought it is very useful and practical. Yes, I have made the mocup on the Human Theme! Well, I did it because I like it very much.

Please don't mind the Wallpaper!

What's the difference?

1. The Window Menu an the Title Bar has been merged for more work space in the window. 2. I took the right to make small changes to buttons, combos, and so on. 3. No more Window Title, which I think is useful only for those whom might work in development and media, any way we recognize a window by its Icon or by its content. ( I might be wrong here, so, yes criticize me) n. that's all...

Concept Art


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