9.10 Karmic Koala

Here you can post your artwork submissions and concepts for the next Ubuntu release, nicknamed Karmic Koala.

New to Karmic is the ability to create Ubuntu-themed branding for particular programs, such as the card backs on solitaire. If you have a branding submission, you can post it here as well.

Submissions in this cycle:


Read the Submission Guidelines before submitting your page.

Don't create new pages for backgrounds/wallpapers, add them to Backgrounds instead.

Choose a short but meaningful name that starts with an uppercase letter. Don't use spaces in the name; use so called CamelCase or underscores instead.

Following what's going on here

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Notes from the Karmic Koala Introduction

Mark Shuttleworth introducing Karmic Koala

The planned features and goals can and should serve as guidance and inspiration for artwork, especially for backgrounds.

On the server:

  • Cloud computing, making it easy for anybody to
    • setup their own cloud using entirely open tools
    • to deploy applications into the cloud, with ready-to-run appliances or by quickly assembling a custom image.
  • Featuring the Eucalyptus project

  • Dynamically growing and shrinking resource allocations depending on your needs.
  • Conserving energy.

On the desktop:

  • A fast, flicker-free and beautiful boot process.
  • Possibly a new login experience that complements the graphical boot, and works well for small groups as well as very large installations. (This quite likely refers to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Specs/GdmFaceBrowser)

  • A serious push for a new look from Canonical's design team.
  • "Brown has served us well" but other options will be considered for Karmic Koala.


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