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Comment: EllE's submissions attached (sans the one with nothing but an Ubuntu logo on a gradient)
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Create 240 pixel high versions (so called thumbnails) of your backgrounds. If say, the image is called {{{background.jpg}}}, call the thumbnail {{{background_tn.jpg}}}. Have a look at this [[Artwork/Documentation/Software/Wiki_Scripts#Thumbnailer|Thumbnailer]] if you have many images. Create '''300 pixel high''' versions of your backgrounds. If say, the image is called {{{background.jpg}}}, call the small one {{{background_s.jpg}}}. Have a look at this [[Artwork/Documentation/Software/Wiki_Scripts#Thumbnailer|Thumbnailer]] if you have many images.
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== Abstract ==

=== EllE's Backgrounds ===

[[attachment:elle_projekt-17_36803144.jpg|Full size]]

[[attachment:elle_ubuntu_36825159.jpg|Full size]]

-- [[LaunchpadHome:elle]], [[http://dindator.blogg.se]]

=== Comments ===
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&ndash; shadowh511

- EllE

okay I was not quite sure how I would do this so I got a link for you guys instead:[[http://dindator.blogg.se/images/2009/ubuntu_36793804.jpg|here]]

Hey i made a new one![[http://dindator.blogg.se/images/2009/projekt-17_36803144.jpg|here]]

i made another one again!? [[http://dindator.blogg.se/images/2009/ubuntuuuuuu_36825159.jpg|here]]

Hope you like it.

- EllE

== A collection of photo wallpapers ==

=== David Holland's Collection ===
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 * Thanks for reposting this to Karmic i am new at this but i would like to help in any way i can ubuntu is great and i am looking forward to helping make it better &ndash; D. Holland
 *I think the picture is cool. Also, adding photos specially nature photos to the wallpers is great. If we think that fedora already add some pictures to the wallper selection, we have one less ponit. Anyway, the fact of having two or three wallpers by default is a bad thing. dael99.


Other pages for this artwork cycle:

Take note of our Background Guidelines and Templates

How to add background images the proper way

Create 300 pixel high versions of your backgrounds. If say, the image is called background.jpg, call the small one background_s.jpg. Have a look at this Thumbnailer if you have many images.

Click the Attachments link at the top (in the row starting with Edit). On that page, you can upload your images.

Come back here, click "Edit". Add the following code:

== Example Name ==
[[attachment:dummy.png|Full size]]

@ SIG@

=== Comments ===
  1. Then replace Example Name with a title for your image or set of images.

  2. Replace dummy_tn.jpg with the name of a thumbnail. Replace dummy.png with the name of the related full size image. Copy the 2 lines and repeat for additional images.

  3. Remove the space after the @. The resulting @SIG@ will be replaced with your account name and date/time of the edit automatically, as soon as you save the changes.


EllE's Backgrounds

Full size

Full size

-- elle, http://dindator.blogg.se



Photo Wallpapers

David Holland's Collection

http://www.salemcomputergeek.com/wallpapers/small/duality.jpg http://www.salemcomputergeek.com/wallpapers/small/green copy.jpg http://www.salemcomputergeek.com/wallpapers/small/IMG_0965.JPG http://www.salemcomputergeek.com/wallpapers/small/IMG_0983.jpg http://www.salemcomputergeek.com/wallpapers/small/IMG_0983bw..jpg http://www.salemcomputergeek.com/wallpapers/small/IMG_0988.JPG http://www.salemcomputergeek.com/wallpapers/small/IMG_0994.JPG http://www.salemcomputergeek.com/wallpapers/small/IMG_1027.JPG http://www.salemcomputergeek.com/wallpapers/small/IMG_1045.JPG http://www.salemcomputergeek.com/wallpapers/small/IMG_1048.JPG http://www.salemcomputergeek.com/wallpapers/small/yellow copy.jpg

full size here

-- davidholland1989 2009-04-29 07:35:37




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