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[[attachment:previehuman.png|Full size]] [[attachment:previehuman.png|Full size]]<<BR>><<BR>>

Other pages for this artwork cycle:

elebuntu icons

elementary icons is one of the most recognized and influential icon themes in the open source world. Of the consistently highest rated themes on at least two (Gnome-Colors and Erectus) are spin offs of elementary icons. This means that the people have already voted positively on the design featured in elementary. Xubuntu already features one of the Gnome-Colors icon themes. This means that developers have also chosen this design. So, why not feature elementary in Ubuntu?


elementary is about Usability. It's about giving the user the clearest possible view of their desktop. elementary features clear, consistent, concise metaphors that will never leave a user clueless. Everything, from color to shape to placement has been thought out in extreme detail. elementary is more than just art, it's design.

elementary is about Practicality. Every icon in elementary is drawn and saved in Scalable Vector format. That means clearer icons, even in between standard sizes. That also means smaller file sizes. elementary icons sits in at a mere 1.6MB, yet is one of the most complete themes available.

elementary is about Constant Evolution. elementary is so carefully optimized with each revision that it continues to grow in content and shrink in file size with every release. In the last two years elementary has more than quadrupled it's content and dropped it's file size by 75%. elementary is scrutinized by a number of peer review tests including review by artists working on the elementary project, the ever infamous "girlfriend test" , and software developers such as those working on the Gnome-Do project.

elementary is about Convenience. elementary is the only icon theme on (that I know of) that offers a Debian package as well as a tarball.


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