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||<style="border:0;">{{attachment:Opensource.png}}||<style="border:0;">~-This theme constructed with open source tools.-~|| ||<style="border:0;">[[/Desktop15|{{attachment:KarmicGazingBall.png|Karmic Gazing Ball|width=640 height=432}}]]||
||<style="border:0;text-align:center;">Karmic Gazing Ball Wallpaper||

New for this release is the "Karmic Gazing Ball" wallpaper. Click image to view other sizes and download.

||<style="border:0;">{{attachment:Opensource.png}}||<style="border:0;">~-This theme and wall papaers constructed with open source tools.-~||



Updated to Release Candidate



Enhance the user computing experience by applying balance and harmony to the Gnome Desktop framing applications in such a manner as to permit the eye to focus without distraction on the content displayed. The desire is an optimal result from an optimal process. This version of Impression adds dark colors where ever possible.

In designing this theme my approach was to start with a light base and then darken until the theme fell apart. The applications showcased below provided guidance on when to stop. For the most part icons are the measure for setting the background color. Not only icons from the desktop but icons from applications must be considered. An icon which is predominately dark will not display or display poorly on a dark background.

Once the base color is discovered the task becomes adding additional complimentary colors. The "toolbar" provides a styling opportunity using gradients with the murrine engine. Lighting the "toolbar" buttons is another opportunity as exhibited by Nautilus.

Bluefish is a good example of Notebook tabs which are also themed in Firefox.

Finally, the gold standard in my opinion is Inkscape which makes use of a wide variety of widgets. The images below are from a pre-Beta (build 90926) Karmic release which features a new release of Inkscape supporting new toolbar icons and the new 3.5 version of Firefox.

Karmic Gazing Ball

Karmic Gazing Ball Wallpaper

New for this release is the "Karmic Gazing Ball" wallpaper. Click image to view other sizes and download.


This theme and wall papaers constructed with open source tools.


  • New bold and dark Karmic Wings wallpaper
  • Icon theme changed to Humanity
  • GtkScrollbar

    • Changed scrollbar stepper style to "integrated stepper handles". This is the most popular murrine style and is used by the new Human and Sonar themes. The fact murrine doesn't theme the scrollbar trough is a bit problematic.

  • Added custom theming to Firefox.

  • Added custom theming to evolution.

  • GtkNotebook

    • Changed GtkNotebook unselected tabs to a light color as the dark tabs do not work well with Open Office.

  • Adjusted GtkCombo widget to better support Open Office.

  • Enhanced the desktop panels.

  • Fixed minor issues with synaptic.

  • Minor adjustments to Metacity.


  • OpenOffice

    • The latest release of OpenOffice produced an issue relative to the color of insensitive/dimmed text primarily in the menus. The most inconvenient manifestation of this issue is in "OOO Base".


  • ../Impression/zoom-fit-best.png  Click Image to Zoom

Bluefish HTML Editor

Desktop Menu

Bluefish HTML Editor

Desktop Menu

Firefox Browser


Firefox Browser

Rhythmbox Music Player

Inkscape Drawing



Nautilus File Manager

Solitaire Game


Solitaire Game

Ubuntu Wiki

Evolution Email

Multi Media

Evolution Email

Multi Media

OpenOffice Calc


OpenOffice Calc

Brasero CD/DVD Tool

Add / Remove Programs


Add / Remove Programs

Karmic Night Wallpaper

Installation From tar Archive


One method to install a new Gnome theme is to open the "Appearance Preferences" dialogue under System>Preferences menu and click the <Install> button. Gnome will prompt you to select a theme which in this case is Night-Impression.tar.gz. Once installed, select the Impression theme icon from the list of available themes.

Other Pages


Feel free to download and comment as desired.


  • I think this is one of the most beautiful Ubuntu theme ever made.The only thing that gives me some doubt is the white text on gray background in some pop-up windows which makes the words more difficult to read....anyway you did an excellent work, clean, lightweight and elegant theme (sorry for bad english). --Escanor

    • Thanks Smile :) The current version fixes those issues. JohnBaer

  • Great work! Using this theme. How do we get it nominated for including in the release? --JonathanHarker

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