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A modern refresh to the Human look utilizing the best aspects of various engines. This truly creates an original asthetically pleasing desktop theme. The theme is dark, but just dark enough to contrast with the bg_color adding subtle hints of orange/peach. This stays true to the Ubuntu look using some of the past favorite colors with a new twist. Clean and something you have not seen before.


I have been theming for quite some time and have come to the conclusing that for us (Ubuntu) to do something different we must 1) develope an entirely new engine or 2) Use the best of what is currently available engine-wise. I chose the latter because of of the time and effort required to code a new engine. This theme requires heavily on the murrine engine as it by far the most polished. Although, murrine quite polished there a few aspects it can not accomplish. I am using the pixmap-engine for a truly unique dimensional scrollbar look with a themeable through desighn( a light peach colored gradient) with custom steppers. Downfall is the scrollbar color, stepper, and through are always the same color. The next engine I chose to implement was the nodoka engine. I have done some work with this engine (Nodoka Dust) and the results are quite nice. There are dimensional through details on the progressbars and a nice gradient on the notebook tab with a dark line on top (previously available via murrine).

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