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[[http://launchpad.net/hanso/0.7/0.7/+download/Hanso-Redux.tar.gz|Hanso Redux GTK Theme v0.7]] [[attachment:hanso_redux_v0.7.1.tar.gz|Hanso Redux GTK Theme v0.7.1]]

 * Fix button prelight

 * Removed unfocused buttons; clearer unfocused_icons via colorize and alpha

 * Add Humanity-Dark to index

 * Centered metacity title_text

Other pages for this artwork cycle:


A new elegant rich brown hybrid theme retaining usability.


Create a truly unique and modern theme for the Ubuntu Desktop. This a redux of the original version of Hanso utilizing several of the new murrine option if the current engine including new arrowstyle, border_shades, border_colors, comboboxstyle, gradient_colors, prelight_shade, shadow_shades, spinbuttonstyle, textstyle, trough_shades, reliefstyle, and stepperstyle. I have also almost successfully themed a dark Firefox toolbar without the need for additional plugins. It still needs some work, but for the most part is functional.



Desktop Clean


Firefox (Dark)






The Widget Factory



This theme has been largely inspired by the Dust Theme, which I have had the pleasure of having my recent murrine modifications committed to trunk. This theme has evolved into a more "Human" feel with more brown tones balancing with a more consistent bg_color. This theme would reminiscent if Dust, Human (Karmic), and Hanso were combined to make one fluid unified theme.


The metacity is based off New Wave and should present a unified flow from metacity to menubar leaving a nice gradient top metacity.


  • Skype = Dark text on dark menu


Source : Launchpad

This theme utilizes the latest murrine engine v0.91.0.

Wallpaper : Classic Wood by ~nardoxic



Hanso Redux GTK Theme v0.7.1

  • Fix button prelight
  • Removed unfocused buttons; clearer unfocused_icons via colorize and alpha
  • Add Humanity-Dark to index
  • Centered metacity title_text


  • As always an excellent job, congratulations for the constant commitment, I really like the new color scheme but I just want to show you a small bug in Firefox, the bookmarks in the system tray have black text on a dark background and are unreadable(should be solved modifying chrome.css). PS: Do not like the new docky 2.0? Goes very well with your theme and the new 3D background ...:) sorry for my bad english! Escanor

  • Thank you for the compliments. The issue with the Firefox bookmarks toolbar is being worked on. I was hoping to have it reconciled without the need for an additional .css file. The "Persona" theming may be something to look at. As far as Docky v2.0, I enjoy it very much but it does not seem to play well with nVidia with the new fading tooltip animations. Xorg juices up my CPU making it somewhat choppy. Thanks again. -- dashua 2020-09-20


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