heardphones indicator (daniel planas)

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Hearphones indicator project


Today, ubuntu indicators probably replace the old notification area, and this is great!!. But we must to do it indicators more intelligent. We must ensure that it can do anything humans need.

One of the shortcomings i can find is that heardphones not indicates. i create some mockups of how it could fix, hope you like them.


Mockup 1(when you insert the heardphones the indicator shows)

Mockup 2(the ohter posible is that sound menu icon transform to heardphones icon when you insert it)

all of the indicators probably need accompanied by a OSD bubble



  • Mockup 2 is a better idea to reduce clutter; however, keeping the sound icon present is essential. You can't have the icon changing all the time. Perhaps having the headphones as a part of the sound icon would work better [Chauncellor]


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