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 * [ Gimp Palette]
 * [ Photoshop Swatch] (From AaronWaite)
 * [ PNG format]
 * [ SVG format]
 * [attachment:ubuntu-palette.gpl Gimp Palette]
 * [ Photoshop Swatch] (From AaronWaite)
 * [attachment:ubuntu-palette.png PNG format]
 * [attachment:ubuntu-palette.svg SVG format]

Official Logo and Artwork

The Ubuntu logo may be used in one of the formats linked below. Please refer to the [ trademark policy] for information regarding permission and correct usage of the logo.

Note that:

  • With the release of Ubuntu 5.04, the logo evolved slightly. Specifically, the word Ubuntu is now black, rather than the navy blue of its original form. The black text is now the officially sanctioned version.
  • Below are versions of the logo with and without the strapline "linux for human beings" and by itself and set in a white lozenge.
  • The Ubuntu logo should be used in the correct orientation, i.e.
    • Don't rotate the circular device so that a round "head" is at the top
    • Don't rotate the entire logo so that the word Ubuntu is on an angle - it should read straight, left to right.
  • If you are using the logo, please use one of these officially approved versions.

In .png format

In .svg format


CMYK references

  • Red 0, 100, 100, 17; Orange 0, 70, 100, 4; Yellow 0, 45, 100, 2

Pantone references

  • Red 187; Orange 158; Yellow 1235

Ubuntu Palette

When you are designing icons for Ubuntu, here's a colour palette to assist you in a variety of formats:

  • [attachment:ubuntu-palette.gpl Gimp Palette]
  • [ Photoshop Swatch] (From AaronWaite)

  • [attachment:ubuntu-palette.png PNG format]
  • [attachment:ubuntu-palette.svg SVG format]

User Contributed Artwork

User contributed artwork is currently be stored on the CommunityArtwork page.

Before contributing artwork, please be sure to check the [ trademark policy] for correct usage of the logo.

For some discussion around Ubuntu artwork, there is an UbuntuArtworkDiscussion page that contains some older dicussion along these lines.

Of particular note is [ this group of buttons] created by AaronWaite that you can put on your website to show your your appreciate for Ubuntu.

Also of note is the [ server banners] created by ShawnChristopher that you can place on your site to show your server runs on Ubuntu

Kubuntu Artwork

Official artwork for [Kubuntu] is available here on the [KubuntuArtwork] page.

Instructions for Installing a Custom GRUB Background

Warning: Be careful to follow directions fully and replace the placeholders (X,Y,FILE) to match your setup. Failure to do so could result in GRUB crashing.

  1. Download a gzipped XPM image. Example:
  2. Copy it to the GRUB directory

       sudo cp FILE.xpm.gz /boot/grub
    Where FILE.xpm.gz is the file you just downloaded.
  3. Tell GRUB to use the image

       sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst

    Add a line under the "timeout" line to read like this

    Where X is the hard drive number Ubuntu is on, Y is the partition number (0-based), and FILE.xpm.gz is file you just downloaded and copied. For example,
    • If / (the root directory) is /dev/hda8 you would write

    • If you had a /boot partition as /dev/hdc1 you would write

  4. Save the file, restart and you will now be able to see the logo in the background!

From JustinFlavin Fri Apr 15 17:25:54 +0100 2005 From: Justin Flavin Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 17:25:54 +0100 Subject: official wallpapers? Message-ID: <20050415172554+0100@>

is there a wallpaper of the GDM login graphic available, or indeed , are there any official ubuntu wallpapers available?

[ Ubuntu Logo /Mascot Medicine Mask Suggestion]

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