Here you will find specifications regarding Ubuntu Artwork. They are not necessarily linked with Launchpad Blueprints.

About Specifications

Specifications are the formal method for "gettin' the stuff done" in Ubuntu. As an Ubuntu team, we are no different. You are expected to contribute to the specifications gathered for the Artwork Team and flesh out the design details of currently evolving specifications.

There is a quick Launchpad.net howto at LaunchpadHowTo.

How To Create an Artwork Team Specification

Don't just dive in and start creating specifications. If you follow a path of due diligence, you might have a greater chance of getting something included in the official Ubuntu packaging:

  • Take the time to familiarize yourself with the system and how it works first.
  • Discuss your thoughts on the mailing list and IRC, and see if there is notable feedback on the issue.
  • Track down the related packages that are involved.
  • Track down the related developer contacts that are involved.
  • Track down all of the related specification parties involved.

Formalizing the Structure

Specifications even have their own Specification: SpecSpec

If you cannot or do not understand how to do all of the following, please take the time to learn the system from the mailing list and IRC before attempting this.

Steps to a Good Specification

  1. Do your due diligence above.
  2. Think about a good summary namespace title. edgy-descriptive-yet-short. 1

  3. Create a wiki entry on the wiki in the related area. Artwork related entries should go below Artwork/Specs

    1. Use the SpecTemplate as a starting point. There are good artwork related samples included below the Artwork/Specs namespace. Simply click the SpecTemplate when you begin adding your new Wiki entry.

  4. Create the appropriate Launchpad entry at http://www.launchpad.net and make sure that the relevant parties are attached to it.

    1. Assignee The assignee is the person responsible for executing the plan described in the specification.

    2. Drafter The drafter is the primary drafter for the specification.

    3. Approver The approver is the person responsible for final review of the spec, approval and targeting to a release. This will generally be someone in a higher position of authority.

    4. Branches The branches are the Bazaar related areas that will have data 'pushed'. For artwork, this could be one of many different packages.

  5. Subscribe the ubuntu-art team to the specification.


  1. We have yet to define a keyword for search purposes. This will likely be appended to the end of the title name. (1)

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