LibreOffice Artwork

  • Community: LibreOffice / Berhard Dippoid <bernhard@familie-dippold.at>

  • Posted: 2010-11-15

  • Due: As requested

  • Assigned: Artwork Team

  • Packages affected: LibreOffice (Natty)

  • Accolades: Yes

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LibreOffice is the office suite project of The Document Foundation which is the community-driven fork of the Oracle-managed OpenOffice.org project. Mark Shuttleworth announced that future releases of Ubuntu will ship with LibreOffice as "Office productivity software is a critical component of the free software desktop, and the Ubuntu Project is pleased to ship LibreOffice from The Document Foundation in future releases of Ubuntu."

The desired result of this effort will have the following characteristics.


  • LibreOffice effort will be considered upstream

  • The team will consist of a mix of resources from the Ubuntu Artwork Team and the broader LibreOffice community.

Identity Briefing


  • The mailing list will be used to facilitate design discussions.
  • Design mock ups submitted to: LibreOffice Wiki

BoF Discussion

  • None planned

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