A Short Description of the Task

  • Sponsor: Community / Artwork Team Member

  • Posted: Date Posted in YYYY-MM-DD format, example: 2011-12-31

  • Due: Desired Due Date, see above

  • Assigned: Team Lead / Facilitator

  • Packages affected:

  • See also: SpecSpec


Why are we doing this and what is the desired outcome. It is important to communicate this clearly.


  • Always state your assumptions.

Use Cases

How will the submission be used?

  • Web pages
  • Marketing materials
  • Educational materials

Design Considerations

List anything that will assist the artist is delivering a successful submission.

  • viz. Submissions must support the current Ubuntu branding guide lines.

  • viz. Draft submissions will be accepted in "png" format.
  • viz. The desired format of final submission is "svg".


Typically constraints are size, media, color, or policy specific.

  • viz. Submissions must adhere to Creative Commons license.

  • viz. Attribution must be stated if the submission is based on another design.
  • viz. The successful design will render to the following dimensions.

Work flow

The general work flow of the Artwork Team is initiate, create, and evaluate. During initiation a submission or proposal is submitted to the list and a specification is created to support the work to be performed. The creation phase is iterative with submission and revisions posted for review and refinement. The evaluation phase is when all of the submissions are evaluated and the successful candidates are selected. The work flow should should desire the process to be followed for this task. Comments are generally noted on where to post submissions and how the successful design will be determined.

Source Files

In many cases source files will not be posted to the same place as mock ups and images posted for consideration. In those cases the repository for source files should be noted.

BoF Discussion

If the desire is to convene meetings to discuss issues and progress anticipated meeting schedule can be noted here.

*** Please save this template to your specification before editing!

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